In process: Enlargement of school and renovation of existing structures

NEDEA Uganda has recognized a high demand of children in need of supported education. By having more classrooms it would be possible to increase the number of students. A new building will enable all classes to have their own classroom, ensuring a good environment for learning and enable more students to join the school.

The organization is now in the process of enlarging its current school structures. In addition to the two existing school buildings, there is going to be built a new school building with main hall and office for the organisation. A main hall will enable the school to hold exams within its own property rather than having to rent for each term’s exams. The main hall is also to be used for seminars and meetings, but will during school hours be divided into three classrooms.
Chicken farm project
The chicken project is planned to support the daily running of the organization and Twinlight Childrens’ Centre. Eventually the goal is for the chicken farm to support a sustainable development of the organization, reducing the need of support from outside. Especially profit from the chicken farm is to be used to support education of orphaned, poor and disadvantaged children in Twinlight Childrens’ Centre and other projects of NEDEA Uganda.

This is planned to include a house for 500 layering chicken, which will secure income through egg sales and final sale of chicken.

Eggs and chicken can also be used as a source of food for the school and the children living in the boarding section. The general diet of the children in the area is based on maize flour, rice, beans and sweet potatoes. Hence, many of the children are lacking both enough food and the right nutrition. This is especially a problem for children infected by HIV, that often loose appetite. Eggs and chicken will therefore be an important source of vitamins and minerals for the children and provide a variety in the daily nutrition.

Building plans are ready and the construction is planned to be started in first half of 2014.
Secondary school and technical institution
The organization is recognizing the demand also for providing secondary school. This is the basis for all jobs, either the student wants to study in university or attain skills for a more practical job.

Many of the dropouts from primary school have troubles finding a job, due to lack of skills and high unemployment. The secondary school is therefore to include a technical institution, where dropouts can learn skills relevant to get a job, such as mechanics.