Focusing on sustainable improvement of future prospective of children and youth from the village of Nakawuka

NEDEA Uganda
NEDEA Uganda

Focus area 1: Education

NEDEA Uganda’s approach implies to empower the target group through education and skills attainment at an early stage.

Twinlight Children Centre

Twinlight Children Centre is the key stone of NEDEAs focus on youth and education as a mean of community development. Consisting of a primary school and a boarding section, the children’s centre provides quality education for children who would else not have access to education. The school focuses on providing a good learning environment for the children, giving them the opportunity to attend school. As many of the children do not receive enough food at home, the school supplies lunch for all children attending school. Some of the orphaned or sick students stay in the boarding section of the school, located next to the main school building. These are catered for by teachers living at school and receive all foods at school. The children who stay at school are ensured the opportunity to stable food supply, hygiene and health care. The whole centre is managed by an administration, which is supported by a team of seven teachers and a cook.

As well as providing quality education, the school focusing on providing after school activities such as sports and music. Games and sports, mainly focusing on football and netball, are used to strengthen the children’s self confidence. Living and training together as a team enables them to enhance their social skills and experience of being interracial in the soccer or netball community.

Focus area 2: Community outreach and development

Aiming on sustainability improvement of living conditions of the most vulnerable groups within the community, NEDEA Uganda is involved in different trainings and skills attainment sessions. Previous involvements include drives and youth discos with theme of HIV and trainings on small business management. NEDEA Uganda, in close collaboration with BUDS-SSE, carried out trainings of the community on business expansion and agricultural skills.

The organization also works with different issues of health, drug abuse, hygiene, child abuse and discrimination through visits in local churches and home visits of families. Through the home visits NEDEA is able to reach out to families and children in the target group, focusing on the issues of need.

Latest is the campaign focusing on effect of corporal punishment of children, which involves meetings with parents, church visits and attitude campaigns with children.