NEDEA welcomes all kinds of support from individuals, interest groups and other organizations. The work of volunteers are an essential part of developing our project and are highly appreciated.

NEDEA Uganda
NEDEA Uganda
NEDEA Uganda

Become a volunteer
NEDEA has worked in cooperation with volunteers from many countries to get the organization to where it is today. In addition to volunteers from Uganda, NEDEA has also had volunteers from countries such as Taiwan, Canada, Sweeden, Holland, Italy and Norway. These provide a valuable input to the development of the project and bring joy to the children at Twinlight Children Centre.

Volunteers will work with NEDEA at relevant projects, including teaching and playing with the children, recruitment, fundraising and campaigns/seminars on relevant issues. The organization welcomes all ideas on projects that the volunteer may have- Volunteers are able to stay with a teacher for the length of their stay.

Financial support
The expenses of the school are mostly related to food and living costs for the children living in the boarding section. Small amounts can go a long way in helping the daily operation of the project.

– 1 day maize posho lunch all children: 6 USD
– 1 month maize lunch for all children: 180 USD
– School for one child a whole term: 150 USD

Any type of scholastic materials or food are highly appreciated.

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