Finishing of new school structure

The new main hall with new class rooms and office for NEDEA is soon finished.

Building of the main hall and renovation of the existing buildings have been in process since November 2013. The finishing of class rooms in existing buildings and the new main hall have enabled students number to increase.

NEDEA wants to thank all supporters for their help!

Welcome to a new term!

NEDEA Uganda wants to welcome all new teachers and students to the new term starting today. We are very excited to have the kids back at school!

HIV seminar for youth 30th of June

Many HIV-campaigns tend to focus on adults. However, the largest benefits of prevention NEDEA Uganda believes is to be seen when focusing on youth and children. This seminar focuses on children and youth in Nakawuka and areas around.

New teachers

The next term NEDEA welcomes a total of seven new teachers! We look forward to work with you!